Pilot Control System

The UAVX GRAVITY features a 7" WXGA touchscreen with Google Maps Navigation, 2 channels of live HD video, real-time telemetry and Google Glass Heads-Up Display!


The rugged 16" controller features 2 channels of live HD video with 3-axis gimbal control. The sunlight viewable 7" WXGA LCD touchscreen provides intuitive configuration and mission planning. Simply set your waypoints and let your GPS navigate while you view and capture stunning images and video in real-time.


Real-time telemetry delivers state-of-the-art flight management, including airspeed, altitude, heading, attitude, battery life, and GPS status. And the Gravity Remote integrates GoogIe Glass to create a data-rich Heads-Up Display environment.


The Gravity Remote alerts you when you have a low battery or hit your Point of No Return — never lose your UAV again! In case of Signal Loss, the Gravity receiver returns your drone home. The No-Fly Zone feature prevents accidental flights in restricted areas, providing peace of mind.